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The BEST WINES are the ones we drink with friends…

Vella Wines is about crafting small premium wines which come from the most well placed and pristinely managed vineyards found in the Adelaide Hills. Production is kept small to ensure the quality is maintained, and the essence of the story and ‘the why’ holds true to heart.

These carefully selected parcels from the selected vineyards within the Adelaide Hills receive the royal treatment of viticulture, hand-pruning, shoot thinning, lateral thinning, leaf plucking, bunch thinning, multiple wire-lifts, hand picking and precision deficit irrigation to name a few.

Vella Wines are true to form from the Adelaide Hills, using varieties that are well suited to the region, interesting and offer a great flavour profile and easy drinking.

Vella Wines is based on precision viticulture and the best wine making techniques to make a wine that friends and family will enjoy…

2018 – 2020

Dirt Boy 2018

Dirt Boy

Pinot Noir



Harvest Widow 2018

Harvest Widow




Trouble Maker 2019

Trouble Maker

Pinot Blanc




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